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What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is supplemented to increase Nitric Oxide production which can enhance work capacity, blood flow and endurance. L-Arginine is known to increase immune and heart health as well as provide some anti-aging effects. L-Arginine can also stimulate the release of GH, increasing recovery, fat loss and muscle growth.

L-Arginine is taken prior to training increasing nitric oxide levels and dilation of blood vessels to increase blood flow, energy production, strength and endurance.

Benefits of Arginine

↑ delivery of blood, nutrients and oxygen to working muscles

↑ energy production and endurance

↑ immune and heart health

↑ fat loss

Who is L-Arginine suitable for?

BULK NUTRITION L-Arginine can be recommended to anyone looking to increase physical performance during high intensity exercise. It is a nitric oxide booster to be used pre workout or to increase blood circulation generally day to day.


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