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What is L Leucine?

L Leucine is largely considered the amino acid responsible for protein synthesis (muscle growth) and can be used directly by the body for energy when under stress. It is the main factor supporting muscle conservation while exercising with minimal calorie intake. It has also been shown to assist regulating blood sugar levels reducing cravings which is very beneficial when dieting.

What are the Benefits of L-Leucine?

  1. Maintains muscle mass with limited calorie intake
  2. Aids the body when under stress
  3. Regulates blood sugar levels, reducing cravings

Who is L-Leucine suitable for?

Anyone dieting or with a limited calorie intake will benefit from L-Leucine as it stops the body craving extra calories and assists in blood sugar regulation. It is the main skeletal muscle builder of the amino acids and is essential to maintaining muscle mass and encourage growth, thus anyone wishing to increase size and recovery will benefit from L-Leucine.


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